‘Celebrate with 8’

‘Celebrate with 8’ is where I share great finds with you that can make even an average day a reason to Celebrate. Join me for delicious recipes, cute crafts, awesome gifts (for loved ones or yourself), and more. Together we will explore a wide range of exciting topics, everything from Dr. Seuss’s birthday to Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

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Celebrations for 2019:

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Barbecue Month

‘Celebrate with 8’ Memorial Day Desserts

‘Celebrate with 8’ Summer Cocktails

Celebrations for 2018:

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Get Organized Month

‘Celebrate with 8’ Unique St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

‘Celebrate with 8’ Must Have’s for Spring Break

‘Celebrate with 8’ Easter Dishes

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Pet Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ Camping Fun

‘Celebrate with 8’ Bachelorette Party Fun

‘Celebrate with 8’ National Salad Month

See what we Celebrated in 2017:

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Almond Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Margarita Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Chip & Dip Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for First Day of Summer

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Blueberry Month

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Drinks & Snacks by the Pool

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Ice Cream Sandwich Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ Burgers that aren’t Beef

See what we Celebrated in 2016:

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Cinco De Mayo

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Friday the 13th

‘Celebrate with 8’ for World Baking Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for  Donut Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for French Fries Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Daiquiri Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Chili Dog Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Watermelon Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Book Lovers Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Peach Month

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Toasted Marshmallow Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Peanut Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Pumpkin Everything for Autumn Equinox

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Drink Beer Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Taco Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for World Egg Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Apple Day

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