Crispy Shrimp Sandwiches

Tip for making easy shrimp sandwiches:

I like to use cooked, peeled, tail-off shrimp that I thaw in warm water for most of my shrimp recipes.

Crispy Shrimp Sandwiches

12 ounces frozen ready to eat salad shrimp, thawed 1 cup flour 1 tablespoon Creole seasoning 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 12 ounces lager beer 1 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Creole seasoning 1/2 teaspoon hot sauce 6 sub buns split down the center 1 cup shredded lettuce 1 Roma tomato diced 1/2 cup dill pickle slices

Crispy Fried Shrimp Sandwiches

Beer battered fried shrimp sandwiches have soft bakery buns slathered with a mayonnaise-based sauce. Loaded with crispy fried shrimp, lettuce, dill pickles, and tomatoes.


6 servings


16 minutes



Main Dish


10 minutes

Mix together the flour, Creole seasoning, and black pepper.

Add 12 ounces of beer and whisk together.

Thaw out the cooked frozen shrimp in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

Drain the water and dry the shrimp with paper towels.

Add flour to a bowl, dip the shrimp in the flour, then the beer batter.

Fry about 10 shrimp at a time in oil for 2 minutes on each side.

Add the fried shrimp to a paper towel and fry the rest of the shrimp.

Mix together mayo, Creole seasoning, and hot sauce.

Spread the mayo on both sides of a bun.

Add the fried shrimp.

Finally, top with lettuce, diced tomato, and pickle slices.