Flag String Art Project ~ My Thoughts……

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Our house is in serious need of sprucing up. I mean seriously. We painted the walls about 7 years ago and I think I hung a few pictures up after that and this is the extent of the ‘decorating’ that I’ve done since. See when we painted we didn’t hang anything because we put the house of for sale thinking we would be building a new house on the property we own. Well we all know what happens when real life enters, plans change, expectations don’t always become reality, yadda…. yadda…. yadda…. So after 7 years I’ve just decided that I am going to do all the things that my Pinterest board has been begging me to do.

A project that I have seen becoming very popular is String Art. I think I have about 30 different ones Pinned on my personal Pinterest page so this is something I knew I wanted to showcase on my newly painted wall! For my living room I’ve decided to go with a “global” theme. Maps, travel, etc. I decided for my string art I would do the flags of Sweden & Norway. My father’s family is Swedish and my husband’s father’s family is Norwegian.

After flipping through a couple tutorials and feeling confident (I shouldn’t have been so cocky) I gathered my items.  In the title I stated that I would give my thoughts. I want to give my opinions about the things I would change if I did this project again. Please see them after the instructions in BOLD….as a little warning if you will.

I purchased 2 – 7”x9” plaques, some nails that I found for like $2 at the hardware store, embroidery floss, hooks for the back of the plaques and I already had the white spray paint. *I would NOT purchase plaques this small again. It was tedious with the nails I used and the standard size hammer that I had. If you do want to use smaller plaques get smaller nails and maybe even invest in a smaller hammer.

Flag String Art

Take measurements of where to place your hooks on the back. I made a mark at the center then centered the hook above that then nailed it on. This was the simplest part of the process.

Flag String Art

See the dot?

2016-03-16 12.57.44

Once you’ve secured the hooks now it’s time to paint the plaques if you so which. You could also stain them if you would like. *Do not spray paint the plaques outside on a windy day on top of a piece of plastic—take it from me.  While the paint was drying I found photos of the flags I was using and printed them out then I cut them down to size.

Then I started the process out outlining the flags with the nails.


I continued with the nails as you can see below. *Again, you can see that I really messed up not getting smaller nails and a hammer for these small plaques.


One your done with the nails you are ready to start stringing. Double tie the floss on a corner nail. *Leave a long enough tail so that you can tie secure the other end to it when you are all done stringing that section. See this picture and the mistake I made where I couldn’t tie it together….boohoo!

2016-03-31 16.01.56

Once I fixed that mistake the stringing went pretty fast. From most of the tutorials I saw there really isn’t a ‘hard and fast’ rule to String Art. I just went from corner to corner then more randomly from there. *I wish I would have brought at least another skein of thread so it would have looked a little fuller.


When I was all done I just clipped off the tails and here you go……

This actually turned out a little better than I had anticipated given the initial problem I had with the too large hammer & nails. *I enjoy it when things don’t look 100% ‘flawless’ and this surely fits that definition. Seriously in some spots it looks like I’d never used a hammer before! Overall I would say that I am happy and will be trying another String Art project again soon.

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