‘Celebrate with 8’ for Iced Tea Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for Iced Tea Day

Summertime can mean hot days.  You need a cool & refreshing drink
to keep hydrated. So gather your favorite glass and
lots of ice and let’s ‘Celebrate with 8’ for Iced Tea Day.

‘Celebrate with 8’ is a weekly feature at Bottom Left of the Mitten – learn more here.

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I remember my mom would put a big jug of sun tea out on the back deck to steep.  I’m sure you will think you’ll feel the same way when you make this Strawberry Lemonade Sun Tea Recipe from Wonky Wonderful.

Strawberry Lemon Sun Tea

If you don’t feel like waiting for the sun to make it you can always take a shortcut with this Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker, Blue

This week I wanted to join in on the ‘Celebrate with 8’ fun.  Try my refreshing ‘hard’ Green Tea Rita.

Green Tea Rita, refreshing summer drink.

Serve your iced tea ‘Fancy Style’ with this Elegant Extra Large Drink Dispenser.  All that tasty beverage will require you to invite lots of friends over.  Instant Party!

Two fruits, mango and lemon, meld together to make one glass of delicious iced tea.  Mango Green Tea Lemonade from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen will quench your summer thirst.

Mango Green Tea Lemonade

Easily infuse your tea with fruit using this Fruit and Tea Infusion Pitcher.  With all the combinations you can dream up your thirst should be quenched all summer long.

We take our cherries serious here in Michigan.  There is even a contest in the next town from us that celebrates who can spit a cherry pit the farthest! So of course I’m adding this Cherry Iced Tea from Flour On My Face.

Sweet Cherry Iced Tea

Let’s step away from fruit and think creamy when it comes to iced tea.  Wok and Skillet show us how to make Thai Iced Tea.

Thai Iced Tea

Grab a straw.  Curly or bendy.  Celebrate.

*Affiliate links are included in this post. Please read my Discloser Policy.

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