‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day | Bottom Left of the Mitten

‘Celebrate with 8’ is a weekly feature here at Bottom Left of the Mitten – learn more here.

I think this might be a favorite holiday of mine and do you blame me?
We honestly live in the best State to LOVE Craft Beer ~ Michigan.
So let’s ‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day!

Garlic Bacon Beer Macaroni and Cheese from Erica’s Recipes is where decadence meets amazing.

Not only is this Drink Local Michigan Tee an awesome shirt from the Michigan Etsy store, UncomfortableYeti, it’s a great conversational piece.  When someone asks you can point to all the breweries you’ve been to in this great State!

Oh goodness!  The name says it all Bacon, Beer and Potato Chip Cookie Bars from Life, Love & Sugar.  I don’t need to explain anymore. Just make them.

With the Election upon us….do you think our current Politicians should listen to this advice?


Please feel free to print this out. Click on the photo to take you to the download .

Why not try brewing your own beer?  This is the set that my husband got started with when he home brewed.

Home Brew Kit for 'Celebrate for 8' National Beer Drinking Day | Bottom Left of the Mitten

Beer.  Cheese.  Did you hear me?  Beer. Cheese.  Then let me add….Sliders…..Oh yeah, now we’re talking.  These Beer Cheese Chicken Pretzel Sliders from Buns In My Oven are everything and more.

If you’re a crafter & a beer drinker I know you’ve got about 500 bottle caps stored for the ‘perfect’ project.  Common Life Into ART has one for you.  This Bottle Cap Chime is perfect for Summer.

And finally for #NationalBeerDay I will share my FAVORITE Brewery in Southwestern Michigan.  Arclight Brewing Company in Watervliet, Michigan.

‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day | Bottom Left of the Mitten

While craft beer is synonymous with amazing sandwiches & pub chips at this brewery you have to either bring your own food, order from local restaurants or they offer a food truck occasionally.  I’m still okay with that.  My husband and I went after visiting his friend in the area on a Saturday night.  The place was not crowded but busy.  Casual picnic tables, kids running around (they also handcraft their own sodas) or playing board games, funky music. They even had a movie projecting up on the back wall.  We went in the middle of Winter and I cannot wait to get back there to sit on the patio.  What I immediately thought when I left was….the perfect setting with the perfect beer.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.~Benjamin Franklin. Celebrate.

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‘Celebrate with 8’ for National Beer Day | Bottom Left of the Mitten #nationalbeerday #craftbeer #beerrecipes

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