Embroidery Transfers – Make Your Own

March is National Craft Month! I want to show how easy it is to find a craft that you can start today. One of my favorites, and actually the first one that I tried, is embroidery. When I started out I used patterns that I purchased but once I got a little better at it I wanted to make my own patterns. It was a little difficult to find directions that had every step. After a lot of research, I put together a few different steps that ended up making a perfect transfer for my embroidery.

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten
Since I had such a hard time finding the right directions I figured this would be a perfect post for Bottom Left of the Mitten. So let’s get started.

You will need to have 3 programs open and available to create the image you are going to print:

  • PowerPoint or Word
  • Paint
  • Snipping Tool

I set up my image in PowerPoint but you could use a Word Document as well.


Next you’re going to open up your ‘Snipping’ Tool


Once you snip the image it will open up in a window like this


Right click on the image and select ‘Copy’


Now you will take that image and paste it into your Paint Program


It will look like this


Now you have to flip the image so that when you iron it on it will be correct


It will now look like this


Now you will copy this image


And then paste back into your PowerPoint or Word document.  I usually delete what was on there after I am done clipping the image I’m going to use so I have a clean sheet.


Once that is done you can now just print this document out.  Now gather your final supplies.

You will need:

  • a piece of fabric
  • your printed image
  • transfer pen
  • iron
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery thread

These are pens that I have used for my projects

Take your transfer pen and trace your image.

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten

Cut the excess paper away from the image.  You will want to iron the fabric you are using before you apply the transfer.

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten

Flip the paper so that it is ink side down then cover with the iron.  *Tip: If you have a large image make sure that you do not rub the iron back and forth since this may leave ‘streaks’ on the fabric.  Just simply pick the iron up and place back down on alternating sections.

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten

And here you are…..

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten

Time to emboider!

Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten
I would love to see any items you make with this tutorial.  Head over to my Facebook or Instagram #bottomleftofthemittenshare to share.

From our home in the Bottom Left of the Mitten to yours ~ Enjoy!

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Embroidery Transfer | Bottom Left of the Mitten #embroidery #howto

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